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The All NEW LiveCode Summer School

The live course kicks off on the 27th May 2014 and runs over 10 weeks.

Packed with new topics on new LiveCode features. Designed for the intermediate + LiveCoder

Join our live, hands on, online Summer School and learn how to use and get the best from many new features in LiveCode. An intermediate to advanced Live Online Summer School that will include topics such as

  • App structure – Managing assets, writing libraries (on/function/getprop/setprop) and using behaviors to create code that lasts
  • Using Version Control – best practice on structuring and managing your individual (or team) LiveCode project using lcVCS and GitHub
  • Error handling & testing – best practice on building more reliable apps
  • Optimizing graphic performance – principles and tips for faster display performance
  • Optimizing code performance – things to look out for in speeding up your code with examples
  • Using resolution independence effectively on all platforms – create modern looking apps with ease
  • Scripting Geometry for multiple platforms – get to grips with creating and managing complex layouts on multiple devices
  • Get the most out of Arrays – a complete primer on nested arrays. Process large or complex data sets efficiently
  • Unicode 101 – everything you need to know to support international characters with ease - including the new LiveCode 7.0 feature set
  • How to get the best from DataGrid – an in depth look at how to get the most out of the data grid
  • Integrating LiveCode and JavaScript using the new WebKit browser – integrate web programming into your apps
  • Using LiveCode server – use the language you already know on you back end server

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Here are the highlights:

Access to all lessons on all the Summer School topics and then put your questions live to expert LiveCode Trainers and the LiveCode Development team.

Between the sessions our expert team will be available to answer your questions in the dedicated Summer School forum. We'll be happy to answer your "how do I" questions, solve issues, discuss your app and more.

We'll even include an hour dedicated, personal 1-to-1 time for you to Skype with one of our expert developers or use to get help on a coding or design challenge. (Yes, you can split that hour into two or three sessions if you prefer!) You can book that time either during the course or at any point in the 6 month period after it finishes.
We'll include a full commercial license so you can publish your app closed source (or a license extension for a year if you already have a license). You'll be able to publish your app on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, or to desktop Windows, Mac and Linux. The commercial license also lets you deploy your apps to the iOS App store, and use password protected projects and components. (Membership of the Apple developer program or Google Play is required to submit apps to these stores and is not included.)

Enhance your productivity with this great and intuitive interface for building LiveCode Data Grids

The MobGUI plugin is included. This allows you to create native-looking iOS or Android apps.

Our On-Rev hosting package includes everything you would expect from a web host. We have included generous bandwidth and disk space allowances and a cPanel with all the popular applications.
You'll gain access to our entire library of Academies. Packed intermediate and advanced examples of best practice. The LiveCode Academies offer structured courses on creating specific apps and games, as well as the widely acclaimed 60 video App Academy, each showing a basic concept or task in LiveCode.

Who the Course is For

The course is aimed at livecoders who consider themself to be at an intermediate level.
If you are a complete beginner, we do have the recording from Summer School part 1 available in the LiveCode store and we would recommend you start there.

Optional Extra to Boost Your Business

If you want to boost your CV or resume then you can choose to take our exam at the end of the course and receive a certificate if you pass. (You don't have to take the exam but it is included if you want to take it.)

A One-Time Opportunity - Save 83%

We really want you to take the next leap with LiveCode and get to grips with the new features. The total value of all these items runs to over $3200. As a limited, one off opportunity we are making this program available this summer for just $499.

Summer School 2 will take your skills further, digging deeper into specific areas of LiveCode. Best practice, optimizing code, getting the best out of tricky areas like the DataGrid... PLUS Put your questions directly to the expert LiveCode Trainers and Development team. View The Full Schedule

The live course kicks off on the 27th May 2014 and runs over 10 weeks.